Cross Media

04 Dec 2010

Cross Media – Inception Unboxing

In this special edition of Cross Media, Nixemus gives an exclusive unboxing of the Limited Edition of Inception.

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30 Nov 2010

Kevin Butler Laughs

A newly uncovered Dear PlayStation ad shows Kevin Butler’s confidence in the PS3. (Don’t worry, we know it’s a spoof!)

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25 Aug 2010

Cross Media – Episode 4

In this episode of Cross Media, Nixemus talks about Kevin Butler. ‘Nuff said. BOOM™!

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21 Jun 2010

Cross Media – Out-takes and Bloopers

In this Cross Media special, you can see everything that went wrong in the first few episodes of Cross Media. Yes, even Nixemus can make mistakes…

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11 Jun 2010

Cross Media – Episode 3; Pt 2

In this two-part episode of Cross Media, Nixemus discusses ‘that’ episode of Alan Titchmarsh’s TV show and what the public derision of both video games and seasoned journalist, Tim Ingham, mean for the game playing public.

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